Parent Info

The philosophy of the Horton D.A.E.P. campus is that every student deserves a second opportunity to re-apply themselves and refocus on their education. Therefore the Horton D.A.E.P. campus focuses on providing the Horton D.A.E.P. students with restorative practices, educational, behavioral, social, and psychological needs that will allow a Horton D.A.E.P. student to learn from their mistakes and start to rebuild their self esteem and character to create a stronger rounded learning base to allow them to return to their home base campus as a stronger student.

We have implemented restorative practices to build positive relationships between teachers and students. The Horton D.A.E.P administration understands that the Horton D.A.E.P. students are at a higher risk of dropping out of school and therefore we do not antagonize the students to react, but we make them responsible for their actions or lack of actions. The Horton D.A.E.P. students also receive counseling on the importance of school, the struggles and demise of dropouts, substance abuse, and behavior modifications. The Horton D.A.E.P. administration believes "It takes a village to raise a child" and we are a big part of that village. For a Horton D.A.E.P. student to be successful, the Horton Disciplinary Alternative Education Program has to be successful.


Placement Hearing

Once a student has been identified as being eligible for D.A.E.P. the following procedures will be followed for placement to better serve the student's need:

· A Horton D.A.E.P. Placement Hearing will be held by the home campus administration, student and parents/guardians.
· All the proper documentation will be filled out and signed including the Placement Hearing Referral and sent to Mrs. Peterson for review.
· Along with the Minimum days placed. Remember a student can receive extra days at D.A.E.P. for discipline infractions or to make up absences.
· The minimum amount of days allotted by board policy for placement is 20 school days for discretionary/incorrigible placement and 45 days for mandatory placement.
· Assignments and books will be sent for the first day of placement.
· If an ARD is held it will be mandatory to have a staff member from Horton D.A.E.P. present.
· No Special Ed./504 student will be accepted to D.A.E.P. unless an ARD or 504 placement meeting has already taken place.
· The home campus administration will be responsible to assure that a Special Ed./504 student's needs are met.

Placement Order

The parents and child must attend on the first day of placement for their origination.
The Placement Order will be filled out explaining:

A. Behavior
B. Consequences
C. Criminal Trespassing
D. Student Searches
E. Uniforms
F. Academics
G. Counseling (including outside counseling)
H. Acknowledgement(s)
I. Video Monitoring
J. The "Student Code of Conduct Notice" is signed by the parents/guardian and child.
K. The Horton D.A.E.P. general rules will be read and signed by the parent/guardian and child.

Student Management Plan

The Weslaco ISD Student Management Plan and the Student's Code of Conduct will be enforced along with the additional campus/program rules. For Safety and Security reasons, the Horton DAEP administration uses video monitoring and recording in most areas of the campus. All laws will be enforced through the proper authority.


Attendance is also very important for a student to learn they must be in school every day. · The Horton D.A.E.P. administration follows up on students' absences by phone calls, parent conferences and/or home visits.· Referrals are also made to the Truant Officer for home visits. · The Horton D.A.E.P. administration will coordinate its efforts to enforce the attendance law with the child's home base campus.

Expulsion Hearings

Expulsions for Horton D.A.E.P. students will be generated through the Horton D.A.E.P. administration for infractions at Horton D.A.E.P. The placing administrator will provide all the home campus records.

Special Ed / 504 Students:

No Special Ed./504 students will be accepted to Horton D.A.E.P. unless an A.R.D. or 504 meeting has already taken place.

· The home campus administration will be responsible to assure that the Special Ed./504 student's needs are met.
· The home campus administration will monitor their Special Ed /504 students.
· All Special Ed./504 students will be exited according to their ARD or 504 meeting.
· Grades and credits will be assigned to Special Ed./504 Students according to the ARD or 504 meeting


· Horton D.A.E.P. will follow the District’s Scope & Sequence.

Testing Staar/Staar A/Staar M

The home campus administration will be responsible in providing all testing material(s).
· Provide a trained test proctor.

Exit Procedures

All exits will be generated through Horton D.A.E.P.

· An exit form will be filled out.

· A letter will be sent to the parents setting up a parent conference with the placing administrator.

· If an early release is requested for a student it shall be in writing.

· All Special Ed./504 students will be exited according to their ARD/504 meetings