The Horton Alternative Education Program Campus 6-12 (Horton A.E.P.) was created as an off campus disciplinary campus where students can be removed from all four middle schools, Weslaco High School, Weslaco East High School and South Palm High School under Chapter 37 of the Texas Education Agency Code.

The Horton D.A.E.P. Campus will provide students with a strong program required under chapter 37 of the Texas Education Agency code and the federal mandate of "Every Student Succeeds Act" in addition to other programs adopted by the school that will focus on the following:

·English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, History

· Restorative Practices

· Meeting the special needs of students

· Counseling

· Self Discipline

· Social Skills

· One to One tutoring

· Students mentoring / tutoring other students

· Recover credit/electives through the Plato Program

· Parental Involvement

· Community Involvement, Speakers

Strengthening the educational needs of the students will also be accomplished by coordinating the educational needs and assessments of the Horton D.A.E.P. students with their home based campuses. Computer programs will also be used to provide enrichment to the students in their subject areas.